Rethinking Real Estate.

Sell your home for 1% total agent commission.
With 100% Service.

Yes, it's possible now.

Say Hello to 1% Total Agent Commission!

At Home Sense, we have one goal: put our clients first.  We’ve trimmed down the traditional real estate model to eliminate junk fees, unrealistic promises, the 6% agent commission, and sellers from paying for buyer agent fees.  Instead, we’ve welcomed modern technology, simple math, and seldom-used provisions within the real estate industry.  We’ve taken a hard look at the future of the industry to provide a service like no other brokerage found anywhere.  And we think you’ll like it.

We simply ask 2 industry-rocking questions:

(1) Is 6% commission really needed to sell a home?
(2) Why does the seller have to pay  listing agent AND buyer agent fees?

Welcome to Home Sense.

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A Different
Kind of

Different IS good.  Welcome to Home Sense.


I’m a Realtor in Middle Tennessee and will be retiring my license soon. But when I sell my house in about a year, I don’t want to pay for an agent to list my house for 3%... that’s just too much to pay. I’ll be using your 1% listing approach!

Marvin W.

Forget about the savings for a moment, we found a fantastic realtor. Our last home was sold by owner without an agent, but it took so long and I’m not even sure we saved money. Before that, we’ve used agents who disappointed us with their level of responsiveness, professionalism, and knowledge. But not Home Sense. We’ll be using them from now on, and we’ll save money. Home Sense made sense for us.

Betsy R.

Why not have one real estate agent take care of the whole transaction? We've bought houses before and remembered we actually did the negotiating, not our agent. The agent just wants to get to closing as soon as possible to get paid. But with Home Sense, we didn’t pay for buyer agent representation – the buyer did! They’re really no different than the old school way, just without the cost.

Michael F.

Great service on the sale of my home, why pay 3% commission when you can save and pay 1% and get the same quality service as a full service agent. Mark has several years’ experience in the real estate market and his knowledge is key when it comes to negotiation time. He also will give you very good professional advice when marketing your home. I highly recommend this company for the sale of your home; I saved several thousand dollars on the commission end without sacrificing service and quality. You get a very experienced agent for your money. Very happy with the service and glad I found this company.

Joe C.

Good experience all around. Everything delivered as promised. Saved $13,000. Nobody else is doing this. Fast-forward 5 years and I bet this is the way the real estate industry will look.

Babbo W.

Good experience all around. Everything delivered as promised. Saved $8,000. Nobody else is doing this. Fast forward 5 years and I wonder if this is the way the real estate industry will look.

Jarell R.

I highly recommend Mark with Home Sense! Mark is honest and trustworthy...I feel that he truly cares about my family which makes the process of selling our home so much better. Mark is knowledgeable and creative about marketing our home. As stressful as selling a home can be...we are very thankful that we found Mark to walk us through this process. Thank you Mark for all you are doing for our family... I am definitely recommending you to my friends and local contacts!

Autumn N.